A Different platform, For Different needs

Tablet eCheck-In: A Personalised Experience

Our tablet platform is designed to offer the VIP treatment to your special guests. Offering a far more personal check-in experience designed to attract new clientele and foster brand loyalty.

Kiosk eCheck-In: A Faster Service

Our Touch-screen Kiosk platform is an automated process designed for large-scale properties seeking to streamline the check-in process and ease bottlenecks at traditional check-in counters.

Theme Customization

Highly customizable with a variety of options that give freedom to hoteliers design the overall layout that complements the “look-and-feel” of their establishments.


Hoteliers are free to include all in-promotions and available Room options to up-sell services and promote the brand.

Multi Platform

Supports I0S, Android and Windows tablets, giving you the freedom to select the preferred platform of your choice. It is also designed to work with any PMS.

Fast Check-Out

As an optional upgrade, hoteliers are able to include a quicker and more efficient means to Check-Qut as well.