Any TV

operates withDDD any TV on the market in conjunction with PalNano or other Device an STB-less scenario with Samsung and LG Smart TVs

Any Environment

Work with any delivery infrastructure from dedicated any shared LAN cabling systems to coaxial or otherwise fully wireless networks, allowing for easy and cost-effective deployment in your environment.

Cloud Based

PalTVs new server-less solution allows you to provide a dynamic “plug-and-play” experience without on-site servers for more streamlined operations.

Triple Screen

PalTV can be pained with PalMobile to offer the most feature-rich triple screen experience, which allows your guests to interact with the complete range of facilities and services on offer at your hotel as well as watch WIFI TV channels, VOD content and more!

Room Controls

Whether paired with PalVision’s proprietary solution or otherwise interfaced with third-party home automation systems, PalTV allows your guests to easily control in-room lighting, heating, and even their curtains.

Magic Remote Controls

Features a unique point & click motion remote control or standard remote control with full dual-use STB and TV operation without the use of external sensors.

paltv Features

Pal TV provides a compelling choice of entertainment for guests, from Video-on-Demand (VOD), Digital TV transmission to TV Web browsing, and your choice of 1,000s of applications!

Wireless Screen Mirroring

Pre-integrated with PalAir Universal, guests can wirelessly project or “mirror” their Android and Apple- based smartphones and tablets directly onto in-room TVs seamlessly, allowing them to enjoy their own content on the larger TVs.

Internet Browsing & Apps

Access to full web browsing as well as 1.000s of “true” apps (not mobile websites) and apps requiring log-in details are deleted on guest checkout to ensure privacy details have been erased.

File Browser

Provides Guests with the ability to view their own content from their USB sticks or Portable Hard drives Anything from guests’ own movie and music content, to image slide show, Microsoft Office, documents to e-books and more.

Digital TV Transmission

Offers re-transmission of digital TV signals to your guests, offering your guests to enjoy crystal clear TV channels consistant at all TV pointsand at no additional cost we are offering 10 free HDMI slots for use in the future when you upgrade certain channels to HD quality!

Ultra HD Ready

Utilises PalNano our next-generation set-top box which is future-proof to accommodate Ultra HD (4K) content.

High-Def On-Demand Video

PalTV can be accompanied with licensed HD Movie content to enhance the in-room entertainment experience.

In-Room WiFi

Supports dual-band WIFI transmission, allowing you to utilize Pal TV as a secured means to offer WIFI internet access to your guests.

communicate directly with your guests

PalTV redefines in-room TVs as an effective means to communicate directly with your guests.

Item Ordering

Delivers incremental revenue opportunities sales of your services such as in-room dining, souvenirs, spa, and activities’ bookings to guests from the in-room TVs.


Display and push promotional banners at a specific time to communicate your key messages in the most visual way and use our web-based tools to adapt your promotional campaigns as your needs change

Customized Content

Include as many pages of your own content and web links to loyalty programmes and more.

Personalized Services

Attract guests and foster brand loyalty through personalised services that make staying in your hotel a special occasion such as personalised greetings and language based on guest profile.

Fully Customizable

Fully customisable, one-of-a-kind designs to suit your property’s “look-and-feel” to convey your unique brand identity and reflect the desired guest experience.

In-Room Wayfinder

Pre-integrated with 3D Virtual Hotel, PalTV allows you to advertise your facilities and environment in the most dynamic way possible, including 360-degree navigation

several hotel management applications

PalTV provides several key hotel management applications, all controllable by CMS designed to ensure maximise efficiency, save cost and improve staff productivity

Service Requests

Allows your guests to interact with the complete range of facilities and services on offer at your hotel including requesting any service such as amenities requests and more.


Offers a fully digital and paperless means to offer your services to your guests, thereby saving time and costs associated with printing in-room collaterals.

Useful Information

Provides your guests with access to key information such as local weather forecast, flight information city guide and more.

Bill Review

Allows your guests to view the bills, so they may check and be updated on what they need to pay for complete transparency.

Guest Messaging

Offer real-time digitized surveys to support and enhance your service recovery initiatives.


Can be integrated with a myriad of services and systems including PMS, POS, RMS, and more within your environment so as to enable you to reduce overall costs, increase revenue, optimize services and thereby improve the guest experience.


Can be integrated with a myriad of services and systems including PMS, POS, RMS and more within your environment so as to enable you to reduce overall count, increase revenue, optimise services and thereby improve the guest experience.

Content Management Platform

Supported by a web-based app management system which can be accessed from anywhere to instantly update your content.